Sefrou / Fez / Morocco
An arts and crafts-focused experience connecting visitors with Moroccan traditional artisans.

What we offer

Culture Vulture invites you to dive into the workshops to meet the artisans. In doing so, you will explore what and who is involved in the making of the Moroccan handicrafts and discover the rich heritage that Morocco and its people continue to convey through the artisan-ship. Accompanied by a cultural facilitator, come with us on an immersive visit roaming in and out of the working spaces and unearth what lies behind the doors and within the hearts and minds of the traditional crafts people.

The Options

Who we are
Culture Vultures is an arts and culture origination coming from the soul of Sefrou, Fez. Set up and run by visual artist Jess Stephens, it is the facilitation and connecting of the local and the global with art at its core that drives the wind in our sails.

We believe in responsible travel with a social impact.  Artisans are tipped for their time and information sharing, we value their skills, hospitality and input.

What to do next

Choose which artisan visit or combination of, which suits you, then contact us via mail letting us know your choice and preferable date.  Prices vary depending on the excursion chosen and the number of people.  Experiences are close up, interactive and  personal.

Note that visits are not conducted on a Friday, as it is the Holy day and the artisan’s day off.

For bookings, inquiries and prices contact

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With our Artisan Visits, we strive to offer experiences that are both intellectually stimulating and emotionally resonant. By peeling back the layers of the tourist industry, we reveal the authentic Morocco, enabling you to forge genuine connections with local communities, explore traditional crafts, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Moroccan heritage through human engagements with the artisans themselves.  

This was a wonderful day spent in deep conversation with Ali, my guide through artisan workshops in Sefrou. There’s a great deal of personal attention, and in particular if you show up with specific questions or areas of curiosity, your initiative will be rewarded. Provided a wonderful in-depth window into the craftwork of the artisans we visited, and gave me great context for the details to pay attention to in their work. A great experience across the board!

Patric K / TripAdvisor

French/American citizen, I grew up in Morocco where I spent the first 18 years of my life. I have just returned from a 2 weeks trip there with family and friends (total 10 people)after 25 years. On of the highlights of the trip was this tour of the Medina in Fez. I had been in this Medina before and got lost even with local guides… the main difference of this tour is that it focuses on the crafts and the men behind them… Amazing interaction.. great experience. Jess is super easy to work with. Strongly Recommended!!

pbkf1008 / TripAdvisor

Sadiki took us on a very informative tour to a number of artisans in the Médina. We went to textile artisans (and got the most beautiful pashminas), the last brocade maker in Morocco (unbelievably complicated process), wood carvers, metal workers, etc. this was the real Morocco not the touristy Morocco. Highly recommend!

Robin K / TripAdvisor