Author: André Paccard

Title: Traditional Islamic Craft in Moroccan Architecture, Volume 1

Presents the stunning beauty of Islamic decorative and architectural design through beautiful plates. The book covers Islamic art, its history, and influences, exploring concepts like dwellings, places of worship, basic patterns, and calligraphy. It also discusses the technology behind works in various materials. Appendices include a table of dynasties, chronological references, bibliography, a list of places to visit, a glossary, and a postscript.

International code ISBN: 2864860031


Moroccan architecture, Islamic craft, Decorative design, Architectural design, Islamic art history, , Calligraphy, Technology in architecture, Dynasties, Chronological references,

Author: Andy Harris

Title: A Month in Marrakesh: Recipes from the Heart of Morocco

“A Month in Marrakesh” by Andy Harris is a visually captivating blend of cookbook and travelogue, featuring over 250 American-friendly recipes inspired by Moroccan markets. The book covers various aspects of Moroccan cuisine, accompanied by full-color photographs by David Loftus. This unique celebration of Marrakesh provides a fresh perspective on the food and culture of Morocco, blending ancient and modern elements.

International code ISBN: 9781742704395


A Month in Marrakesh, Andy Harris, Moroccan Cuisine, Cookbook, Travelogue, Moroccan Markets, American-friendly Recipes, Full-color Photographs, Culinary Exploration, Marrakesh Culture, Ancient and Modern Fusion, Personal Touches, Handwritten Vignettes, Line Drawings, Culinary Inspiration.

Author: Bert Flint

Title: Afro-Berber Planet, The Trans-Saharan Arts at The Tiskiwin Museum, from Marrakech to Timbuktu

An updated version of the Tiskiwin museum guide in Marrakech, curated by collector and anthropologist Bert Flint, reflects his extensive travels through Transsaharan Africa. This compact book aims to share the captivating odyssey of Afro-Berber arts, tracing a visual culture that spans from the Eastern High Atlas to the Niger River. It encompasses both ancient and contemporary elements, reaching across the Maghreb to Sahel countries.

International code ISBN: 9791093781198


Afro-Berber arts, Trans-Saharan Africa, Tiskiwin Museum, Marrakech, Eastern High Atlas, Niger River, visual culture, Maghreb, Sahel countries.

Author: Brooke Pickering

Title: Moroccan Carpets: A Cultural History

An exploration into the captivating realm of Moroccan carpet weaving, uncovering the profound artistry, symbolism, and rich historical tapestry woven into each intricate design. The study navigates the intricate patterns and techniques that define Moroccan carpet weaving, tracing its evolution through time. It sheds light on the cultural significance embedded in the symbolism of motifs and colors, offering a deeper understanding of how these carpets serve as both functional pieces and cultural artifacts.

International code ISBN: 9781856691468


Moroccan Carpets, Cultural History,  Weaving traditions, Carpet artistry, Symbolism, Historical evolution, Moroccan textiles, Craftsmanship, Cultural significance, Textile traditions

Author: Brooke Pickering, W. Russell Pickering, Ralph S. Yohe

Title: Moroccan Carpets

Presents a comprehensive overview of 19th and 20th-century Moroccan rugs and textiles. Featuring a collection of rural carpets, tent-weavings, bags, garments, and more in 115 vibrant color plates, it explores the diverse weaving traditions of indigenous Amazigh tribes, Arab-speaking tribes, and urban centers.  The text delves into the origins and traditions, followed by detailed sections on each region, showcasing the finest examples with beautifully reproduced plates.

International code ISBN: 9781856691468


Moroccan, Carpets, , Rural Carpets, Tent-Weavings, Bags, Garments, Weaving Traditions, Amazigh Tribes, Arab-Speaking Tribes, Urban Centers, Geometric Designs

Author: Cynthia Becker

Title: Amazigh Arts in Morocco: Women Shaping Berber Identity

provides a comprehensive examination of the role of women in shaping Berber identity through arts in Morocco. Through meticulous research and insightful analysis, Becker illuminates the significant contributions of Amazigh women to the preservation and expression of Amazigh cultural heritage, offering a nuanced understanding of the complexities of Amazigh identity formation.

International code ISBN: 9780292721371


Amazigh Arts Amazigh women, Traditional arts, Cultural identity, Amazigh heritage, Moroccan artistry, Gender Studies, Amazigh textiles, Visual anthropology,

Author: David Packer

Title: The Earth Has Three Colors

A comprehensive exploration of Moroccan ceramics, unveiling its evolution from the traditional pottery of the Rif Mountains’ indigenous inhabitants to the contemporary art scene in Marrakech. Through meticulous research, this groundbreaking survey shines a light on the previously overlooked history of Moroccan ceramics, bringing it onto the global stage for the first time.

International code ISBN: 978-156859-401-9


Moroccan Ceramics, Contemporary Ceramics, Traditional Pottery, Comprehensive Exploration,Cultural Evolution,

Author: Francoise Dorget

Title: Connections: Moroccan Carpets/Art/Architecture/Design

Offers a comprehensive exploration of the world of Moroccan carpets. Renowned in the Paris design scene, Dorget shares her collection of hundreds of Moroccan rugs from various regions in Morocco. In this book, she skillfully connects each carpet with a work of art, architecture, or her own photographs, creating a meaningful and cultural link between the two. The publication delves into the design and weaving processes of each region and features artworks by notable designers and architects fostering a cohesive and intellectually stimulating compilation.

International code ISBN: 9781938461989


Moroccan Carpets, Art, Architecture, Design, Travel, Cultural Connections, Weaving Processes

Author: Helene E. Hagan

Title: Tuareg Jewelry: Traditional Patterns and Symbols

On Tuareg silver jewelry from Northern Niger explores the culture of these African Sahara nomads, revealing insights into the jewelry’s function, meanings, and symbols. Author Helene Hagan draws from French scholarship, American accounts, recent Amazigh research, and firsthand Tuareg informants, offering a unique perspective on Tuareg culture.

International code ISBN: 9781425704537


Tuareg jewelry, Symbolism, Silver jewelry, Northern Niger, Function, Meanings, Symbols, Tuareg culture, Sahara Desert, Amazigh culture, Bilingual anthropologist, North African scholarship, Amazigh (Berber), Cultural rights, Linguistic rights, Human rights

Author: Isabelle Denamur

Title: Moroccan Textile Embroidery

Centered on the intricate world of Moroccan textile embroidery, this book examines its profound cultural and artistic significance. Denamur sheds light on the rich tradition, showcasing the skillful craftsmanship, symbolism, and historical narratives woven into each stitch. Beyond a mere craft, Moroccan textile embroidery emerges as a vibrant cultural expression, adapting and evolving through generations. The study explores regional variations, acknowledging the diversity within this tradition, and emphasizes its role as both an artistic form and a symbol of identity and heritage. 

International code ISBN: 9782080111739


Moroccan Textile Embroidery, Isabelle Denamur, Cultural tradition, Artistic expression, Embroidery techniques, Craftsmanship, Symbolism, Historical narratives, Regional variations, Diversity, Identity, Heritage, Artistic mastery, Adaptation, Contemporary contexts, Social significance, Vibrant tradition, Stitching traditions, Cultural exploration, Textile arts

Author: James F. Jereb

Title: The Arts and Crafts of Morocco

Morocco’s strategic positioning has given rise to a culturally diverse fusion, giving birth to unique arts and crafts that intertwine African, Islamic, Moorish, and Spanish influences. In “Arts and Crafts of Morocco” by Dr. James F. Jereb, this dynamic tradition is explored across various mediums such as textiles, jewelry, leatherwork, woodwork, metalwork, and ceramics.

International code ISBN: 9780500278307


Arts and Crafts, Moroccan arts, Crafts, Cultural fusion, Textiles, Jewelry, Leatherwork, Woodwork, Metalwork, Ceramics, Rural animistic beliefs, Urban Islamic influences, Cultural exploration, Artistic tradition, Visual representation

Author: Jean-Marc Castera

Title: Morocco: Courtyards and Gardens

An aesthetic journey through the splendid courtyards and gardens of Morocco, highlighting their captivating designs and beauty.

International code ISBN: 9781580931946


Morocco, Courtyards and Gardens, Moroccan landscapes, Courtyard design, Garden aesthetics, Botanical Gardens, Garden design, Landscape Design.

Author: Jilali El Koudia

Title: Moroccan Folktales

Filled with a diverse array of characters and themes, from ghouls and fools to eternal bonds and earthly wishes, these mesmerizing tales offer a glimpse into the heart and soul of Moroccan culture. Through an enlightening introduction, El Koudia laments the decline of traditional storytelling in the face of modern media, underscoring the importance of preserving oral traditions rooted in memory and community.

International code ISBN: 9780815611011


Moroccan Folktales, Folklore, Traditional stories, Cultural insights, Narrative traditions, Oral storytelling, Cultural heritage,

Author: Kristyne Loughran, Cynthia Becker

Title: Desert Jewels: North African Jewelry and Photography from the Xavier Guerrand-Hermès Collection

“Desert Jewels” presents an extraordinary collection of jewelry with origins in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Egypt. Complemented by photographs that depict North African landscapes, cityscapes, and individuals from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the book seamlessly combines a detailed exploration of traditional jewelry craftsmanship with a focus on Amazigh (Berber) heritage. Within its pages, intricate necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and fibulae are showcased, shedding light on the captivating blend of cultural significance and artistic brilliance inherent in these adornments..

International code ISBN: 9780945802525


Desert Jewelry, North African Jewelry, Traditional jewelry craftsmanship, Amazigh heritage, Cultural significance, Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Fibulae.


Author: Lisa Bernasek

Title: Artistry of the Everyday: Beauty and Craftsmanship in Berber Art

Amazigh Art, Berber culture, Craftsmanship, Artistic traditions, Functional art, Aesthetic expressions, Utilitarian objects, Decorative arts, Cultural heritage, Amazigh communities, Material culture, Practical beauty, Traditional craft,

International code ISBN: 9780873654050


Amazigh Art, Berber culture, Craftsmanship, Artistic traditions, Functional art, Aesthetic expressions, Utilitarian objects, Decorative arts, Cultural heritage, Amazigh communities, Material culture, Practical beauty, Traditional craft,


Author: M. Angela Jansen

Title: Moroccan Fashion: Design, Culture and Tradition

This exploration delves into the evolutionary journey of Moroccan fashion, unraveling its intricate tapestry and delving into its profound cultural significance. From traditional garments to contemporary styles, the examination captures the dynamic shifts, influences, and expressions that have shaped Moroccan fashion throughout its rich history. The study not only highlights the evolution of clothing trends but also unravels the threads that connect fashion to the broader cultural narrative, emphasizing its role in reflecting societal values, traditions, and the ever-changing expressions of identity within the Moroccan context.

International code ISBN: 9781474285223


Moroccan Fashion, Design,  Clothing, Textiles, Garment evolution, Cultural influences, Moroccan identity, Fashion history, Craftsmanship, Artistry, Identity expression


Author: Maryam Montague

Title: Marrakesh by Design: Decorating with All the Colors, Patterns, and Magic of Morocco

Marrakesh by Design, authored by Maryam Montague, offers a vibrant escape from neutral interiors, guiding readers through incorporating Moroccan design elements into their homes. Filled with captivating text and stunning photos, the book provides DIY ideas for bringing the essence of Morocco—bold colors, intricate patterns, and striking architecture—into everyday living

International code ISBN: 9781579657369


Marrakesh by Design,  Moroccan Design, Colors, Patterns, # Decorating, Vibrant Interiors,  Moroccan Architecture, Home Décor,


Author: Michel Draguet

Title: Berber Memories: Women and Jewellery in Morocco

This book explores the Gillion Crowet Collection, a reference on Moroccan Amazigh (Berber) women’s parures, focusing on rural silver production. It provides a comprehensive view of creative centers, showcasing unique pieces. The first part addresses the historical continuity of Amazigh culture, impacted by desertification. The second part highlights the parures as the visual representation of Amazigh women. The third part examines the geographical locations of parure production, creating a topography spanning North to South and East to West, with a significant focus in southeast Morocco.

International code ISBN: 9780300253955


Amazigh Women, Jewellery, Silversmithing, Jewelry History, Creative Centers, Cultral Heritage, Material Heritage,


Author: Mireille Morin-Barde

Title: Coiffures Feminines du Maroc

More than the clothing which has become standardized, it is the female hairstyle which, in the South of Morocco, gives the best image of this ethnic value. All the women of the same human group arrange their hair in the same way and the ornaments with which they adorn it present an undeniable analogy. Many are also adapted to the extraordinary shape of thier hairstyle

International code ISBN: 9782857444923


Moroccan Hairstyles, Female Fashion, Ethnic Values, Cultural Identity, South Morocco, Ethnographic Study, Amazigh Identity,


Author: Richard Hamilton

Title: The Last Storytellers: Tales from the Heart of Morocco

An exploration of the rich tradition of storytelling in Morocco, weaving together tales passed down through generations. Through vivid narratives and intimate encounters with storytellers, Hamilton delves into the cultural significance of storytelling in Moroccan society, offering readers a fascinating glimpse into the enchanting world of oral tradition and the enduring power of storytelling.

International code ISBN: 9781780765341


The Last Storytellers, Moroccan storytelling, Cultural preservation, Oral traditions, Narrative Artistry, Storytelling heritage, Traditional tales, Cultural insights,


Author: Susan Schaefer Davis

Title: Women Artisans of Morocco: Their Stories, Their Lives

Reveals the stories of twenty-five women preserving ancient textile traditions in Morocco. Focused on the artisans themselves, the book highlights their crucial role in family income, portraying their resilience and independence. From rural villages to bustling cities and a desert oasis, readers gain insights into the lives of these women who contribute significantly to Morocco’s cultural richness. AN important ethnographic insight into traditional women’s crafts and their lives.

International code ISBN: 9780999051719


Moroccan Textile Traditions, Artisan Stories, Cultural Resilience, Traditional Crafts, Rug Weavers, Embroidery, Button-making, Contemporary lives, Moroccan Culture.


Author: Titus Burckhardt

Title: Fez: City of Islam

Offers a profound exploration of Fez’s rich Islamic heritage, delving into its architecture, spirituality, and cultural significance. Through meticulous research Burckhardt captures the essence of Fez as a center of Islamic civilization, inviting readers to immerse themselves in its beauty and spiritual depth.

International code ISBN: 9780946621170


 Islamic heritage, Cultural exploration, Architecture, Spiritual traditions, Islamic art, Cultural history, Cultural identity, Urban history, Moroccan architecture, Fez, Islamic civilization,