Fez Artisan Visit

Fez is one of Morocco’s crafts capitols, without a doubt. Tanners, leather-makers, wood carvers, copper beaters and potters were part of the founding of the imperial capitol that dates back more than 1200 years. The artisan’s skills and stories are embedded in Fez’ foundations.  Let us take you on an immersive mornings’ journey and be awe-inspired by the artistry that was carried out then and continues to be so, to this day.

A half-day excursion will take you to off-the-beaten-track places, to authentic workshops where artisans carve a daily practice. 

You are invited to ask questions, exchange anecdotes and try your hand at the crafts skills. In doing so, you gain an authentic insight into the artisan-ship of Morocco.

Tours are private and personal. Our facilitators are official Fez guides who encourage interactive, responsible tourism and carry our ethos of respect and collaboration with the Moroccan artisanship. Crafts people visited are tipped for their time and information sharing.

For more information

Prices or bookings contact info@culturevultures.ma stating Fez Artisan Visit and which day you would like to take a visit.


Let us know if you have specific interests, there are literally 1000’s of artisans in Fez; we visit some 8 – 10!  Each tour varies, as we like to stop and listen to both your requests, as the inquisitive guest and remarks and tales of the artisans themselves.