Author: C.R. Pennell 

Title: Morocco: From Empire to Independence 

A thorough historical examination of Morocco’s evolution traces its trajectory from a pre-colonial empire to the attainment of independence.
International ISBN: 9788420647791
Key Words: Almoravid Empire, Almohad Empire, Idrisid Dynasty, French Protectorate, Spanish Protectorates, Treaty of Fes, Resistance Movements, Mohammed V, Independence, Istiqlal Party, Tangier , Green March (1975), Western Sahara Conflict

Author : Mercedes Garcia-Arenal

Title: Ahmad al-Mansur: The Beginnings of Modern Morocco (Makers of the Muslim World)

Synopsis: Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur (1578-1603) stands as a pivotal figure in Morocco’s history, leaving an enduring imprint on the nation during his twenty-five-year rule in the sixteenth century. Renowned not only for his adept diplomacy in the Mediterranean power struggles and strategic alliance with Britain against Spain in the quest for the newly discovered Americas, al-Mansur transcended the roles of a political and military strategist.  Dr. Garcia-Arenal, spanning four continents, contextualizes this intriguing figure within the backdrop of political machinations, global exploration, and military conquest. 

International ISBN: 9781780742083
Key Words: World War I, Morocco Travelogue, Exploration, Diplomacy, Ottman Empire, Mediterranean, Military