Image by Cat Wilson

Said El Haddaji
Resident Artist 2017

The Director – Fitted out with a bundle of creativity and a sense of adventure, Jess arrived in Morocco in 2007 with the aim of setting up an artist residency in Sefrou.  With a few years of working freelance on the ground, having established cultural programs for Café Clock and the American Language Center in the regional capitol, Fez,  she felt suitably practiced to launch her first artist residency program. It took no time for Jess to broaden Culture Vultures portfolio to include a curious and engaging community.

The team – As an organization whose activities trip the light fantastic, depending on project demands and the cultural environment, Culture Vultures works with a local team of freelancer facilitators and self-employed personnel who bring a variety of skills and perspectives to the projects at hand.

The Community – As a market town on the traders route across North Africa,  Sefrou has received visitors from far and wide, for more than 1000 years.  As an organization that often facilitates encounters between the local and the international, we are forever grateful to Sefrous community who encourage, question and engage with us as an organization.