Author: Armbrister Yamit

Title: One Moroccan Woman: Inspired by True Events

A poignant tale set against the backdrop of political upheaval and social change in 1950s Morocco, where Tamar Ben Zaken navigates personal loss, societal tensions, and unexpected love. As she grapples with family responsibilities and confronts the complexities of her relationships, Tamar’s journey becomes a testament to resilience and the enduring power of the human spirit amidst turbulent times.

International ISBN: 9781499765816

Historical Fiction, Women’s fiction, Moroccan Jew, Fez, Marrakesh, Multigenerational Story, Family Saga, Israel, Zionism

Author: Ben Jelloun Tahar

Title: The Sand Child

This contemplative novel explores themes of gender, identity, and tradition by unraveling the narrative of a girl raised in the guise of a boy.

International ISBN: 9788806130688

Gender Identity, Tradition, Nonconformity, Cultural Traditions, Psychological, Cultural Identity, Family Dynamics, Moroccan Society

Author: Ben Jelloun Tahar

Title: This Blinding Absence of Light

Derived from actual events, this novel vividly depicts the distressing experiences of prisoners confined in a Moroccan desert prison during the 1970s.

International ISBN: 9781855165588

Desert Prison, Human Resilience, Political Oppression, Psychological Exploration, Redemption

Author: Bouanani Ahmed

Title: The Hospital

Reflects Bouanani’s personal struggle with tuberculosis. Within its pages, the hospital transforms into a nightmarish realm, blurring the boundaries between life and death. Bureaucratic figures preside over a diverse group of inmates, where memories and dreams intertwine. The eerie, metaphorical shift of the hospital is symbolized by the disappearance of its iron gate.

International ISBN: 9780811225762

Surrealist Fiction. Psychological Exploration., Postcolonial Narrative, Existentialism,

Author: Bowles Paul 

Title: The Sheltering Sky

Traces the journey of an American couple as they navigate the vast deserts of North Africa, exploring existential themes set against the evocative and exotic backdrop of Morocco.

International ISBN: 9780912946436

Odyssey, Sahara Existential Themes, Journey, Cultural Exploration, Existentialism, Exoticism

Author: Bowles Paul 

Title: The Spider’s House

Taking place in Fez during the final days of French colonial rule, this novel intertwines the stories of varied characters amid a backdrop of political transformation.

International ISBN: 9780876855454

Fez, French Protectorate, Political Change, Colonial Legacy, Postcolonialism

Author: Bowles Paul 

Title: Days: A Tangier Diary

Between 1987 and 1989, Paul Bowles embarked on a journaling journey, documenting the daily fabric of his life. Beyond the ordinary details of meals and conversations, this journal unveils a captivating perspective into the world of the author as he explores the realm of a new medium. With an easy authenticity, sharp insight, and moments of literary brilliance.  In “Days,” the perceptive chronicler of the exotic turns his gaze inward, offering an unguarded

International ISBN: 9780061137365

Tangier, Diary, Memoir, Expat Community, Literary Figures, Cultural Reflections

Author: Choukri Mohamed 

Title: For Bread Alone

A raw and unflinching memoir depicting the author’s impoverished upbringing in Morocco, marked by hunger, desperation, and survival on the streets of Tangier. Through Choukri’s stark prose, readers are confronted with the harsh realities of poverty and the indomitable human spirit’s quest for sustenance and dignity amidst adversity.

International ISBN: 9780586072318

Autobiography, Poverty, Survival, Tangier, Coming-of-Age, Social Realism, Memoir

Author: Cumming Charles

Title: The Moroccan Girl

The Moroccan Girl” unfolds as an engaging contemporary thriller, reminiscent of the enduring ambiance of Casablanca. A seasoned spy novelist finds himself immersed in an authentic espionage mystery, compelled to track down a mysterious fugitive navigating the alluring yet hazardous streets of Morocco.

International ISBN: 9781250129963

Thriller, Contemporary Fiction, Espionage, Casablanca, Mystery. Suspense. Political Conspiracy

Author: Felix Matthew

Title: With Open Arms: Misadventures in Morocco

Chronicles the author’s humorous and enlightening journey through Morocco, filled with unexpected encounters, cultural mishaps, and heartwarming moments of connection with locals. Through Felix’s witty observations and candid storytelling, readers are invited to explore the complexities and charm of Morocco, embracing the beauty of spontaneity and human connection along the way.

International ISBN: 9780997761900

Travel Memoir, Unexpected Adventures, Cross-Cultural Experiences, Travelog

Author: Freud Esther

Title: Hideous Kinky 1992

Follows an English woman’s spontaneous decision to move with her two young daughters to Morocco. Their adventure unfolds a narrative of friendships, challenges, encounters with nomadic performers, hitchhiking experiences, and coastal camping nights. Narrated through the eyes of a keen five-year-old, it presents a modern classic that delves into the essence of freedom, immersing readers in the vibrant sensations of Morocco in the twentieth century.

International ISBN: 9780140246896

Autobiographical, Retreats, Friendships, Feuds, Romance, Street Performers, Hitchhiking, Twentieth-Century Morocco

Author: Keenan William

Title: Moroccan Mystique: Tales From A Timeless Journey

This book is a captivating fusion of travelogue and cultural memoir, documenting the four-year sojourn of an American couple immersed in Moroccan life. Employed as buyers for a company specializing in exporting local carpets, jewelry, and clothing, their extensive journeys navigated the imperial cities of Marrakesh, Fez Rabat, and Meknes, as well as the enchanting landscapes of mountain villages, countryside and desert oases in pursuit of antique kilims.

International ISBN: 9798218130701

Travelogue, Cultural memoir, Morocco, Carpets, Jewelry, Imperial cities, kilims, Mysticism, Traditional Moroccan psychic, Shawafa, Djinn spirit, architecture, Design, Weaving, Music, Dance

Author: Lalami Laila

Title: “Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits”

Follows the harrowing journeys of four Moroccan immigrants as they embark on a perilous voyage across the Strait of Gibraltar to Spain in search of better lives. Through their individual struggles and sacrifices, Lalami weaves a poignant narrative that explores themes of hope, desperation, and the harsh realities faced by those seeking refuge and opportunity.

International ISBN: 9781616207502

Immigration, Crossing Borders, Moroccan Literature, Contemporary Fiction, Identity, Social Justice, Human Resilience

Author: Maalouf Amin

Title: Leo the African

A captivating historical novel that follows the adventurous life of Leo Africanus, a 16th-century traveler, diplomat, and writer. Through vibrant prose, Maalouf paints a vivid picture of Leo’s journey across the Mediterranean world, offering a rich tapestry of cultures, encounters, and historical events during a tumultuous era. BAsic on the original travelog by Hasan al-Wazzan, a historical figure who was a renowned traveler, geographer, and writer of the Renaissance era..

International ISBN: 9780349106007  

Moroccan literature, Cultural expression, Cultural heritage, Cultural identity, Literary analysis

Author: Mayne Peter

Title: A Year in Marrakech

While the memoir predominantly delves into Mayne’s individual encounters and reflections, it concurrently provides readers with a more comprehensive insight into Marrakech. The city emerges as a unique fusion of historical and cultural opulence seamlessly intertwined with the impacts of contemporary influences and globalization

International ISBN: 9780907871088  

Memoir, Marrakech, Observations, Modernity, Globalization, Moroccan lifestyle, Expat life, Society, Cross-cultural encounters

Author: Mernissi Fatima

Title: Dreams of Trespass: Tales of a Harem Girlhood

A poignant memoir that vividly depicts the author’s childhood within a Moroccan harem, offering a compelling narrative of female empowerment and resistance against patriarchal constraints. Through Mernissi’s evocative storytelling, readers are transported to a world of dreams, secrets, and societal struggles, illuminating the complexities of growing up behind the walls of a traditional Moroccan household.

International ISBN: 9788809797208  

Memoir, Moroccan Society, Harem Life, Cultural Complexity, Reflections, Traditions, Girlhood Social Norms, Cultural Insights, Gender Dynamics, Identity Formation

Author: Oufkir Malika

Title: Stolen Lives: Twenty Years in a Desert Jail

As the eldest child of General Oufkir, a trusted aide to the King of Morocco, Malika was adopted by the King at the age of five.  However, Oufkir recounts the harrowing true story of her family’s wrongful imprisonment for nearly two decades, detailing their struggle for survival and eventual escape. Through a gripping narrative, readers are confronted with the injustices and hardships endured by the Oufkir family, while also witnessing their resilience and determination to reclaim their freedom against all odds.

International ISBN: 9780786886302  

Desert Jail, Captivity, Political Intrigue, Survival, Moroccan Sovereignty, Resilience, Human Rights, Freedom

Author: Sefrioui Ahmed

Title: The Wonder Box

Ahmed Sefrioui’s autobiographical novel, published in 1954, is part of the body of Moroccan literature expressed in French. Comprising 12 chapters, the novel explores themes of family and solitude. Originally written in French, this version represents its translation into English.

International ISBN: 9781406534177  

Moroccan literature, Cultural expression, Cultural heritage, Cultural identity, Literary analysis

Author: Shah Tahir

Title: In Arabian Nights: A Caravan of Moroccan Dreams

Follows the author’s journey to unravel the mysteries of storytelling in Morocco, blending travelogue with myth, legend, and personal narrative. Through Shah’s exploration of Moroccan culture and folklore, readers are transported on a captivating odyssey through the enchanting landscapes of the imagination, where reality and fantasy intertwine to reveal the timeless power of storytelling.

International ISBN: 9780553384437  

Cultural Exploration, Travelogue, Cultural Enchantment, Dreamscapes, Magical Realism, Storytelling, Myth and legend, Literary Adventure

Author: Shah Tahir

Title: The Caliph’s House: A Year in Casablanca

A recount of the author’s experiences relocating his family to Casablanca, delving into the challenges and delights of adapting to Moroccan culture while restoring a historic mansion rumored to be haunted. Through vivid storytelling, Shah offers a captivating exploration of the complexities of life in Casablanca, blending personal anecdotes with rich cultural insights.

International ISBN: 9788678780455  

Casablanca, Cultural Immersion, Travelogue, Morocco Lifestyle, Cultural Traditions, Expat, Cultural Enrichment, Personal Journey

Author: Slimani Leïla

Title: In the Country of Others

In the Country of Others” traces the journey of Mathilde, a French woman who weds a Moroccan soldier and relocates to Morocco post-World War II. The novel delves into her struggles adapting to a different culture and unravels the intricacies of colonialism, offering insights into both personal and societal challenges in an unfamiliar land

International ISBN: 9780143135982  

Historical Fiction, Cultural Exploration, Postcolonialism, Identity, Multigenerational Saga, National Identity, Cultural Heritage, Human Experience, Social Exploration.

Author: Slimani Leïla

Title: The Country of Others

Follows the story of a French woman, Mathilde, who marries a Moroccan soldier and moves to his family’s farm in Morocco after World War II. Set against the backdrop of Morocco’s struggle for independence, Slimani weaves a tale of love, identity, and the clash of cultures, as Mathilde navigates the challenges of adapting to a new country and confronting her own prejudices.

International ISBN: 9780571361625  

Historical Fiction, Multicultural Relationships, Post-World War II, Colonialism, Women’s Fiction, Identity Exploration, Cultural Adaptation

Author: Thorpe Annabelle

Title: What Lies Within

In the intricate alleys of Marrakech’s souks and the historic riads, the once-solid friendship among Freya, Paul, and Hamad starts to crumble following a significant relocation. Tied together by a distinctive bond built on deceit, their venture into expatriate life brings to light the more ominous aspects of their connections. Marrakech, characterized by its lively exterior, becomes a bewildering backdrop that strains their relationships. Unveiling hidden truths from their history.

International ISBN: 9781784299477  

expat life, psychological novel, Marrakech,  Trust, Betrayal, cultural dissonance, identity crisis

Author: Valpy Fiona

Title: The Storyteller of Casablanca

Follows the intertwining lives of two women—Jasmine, a refugee fleeing the Spanish Civil War, and Nour, a modern-day Frenchwoman—as they navigate love, loss, and the secrets of their shared past in the vibrant city of Casablanca. Through Valpy’s evocative prose, readers are transported across time and space, unraveling the mysteries of family, identity, and the enduring power of storytelling in shaping their destinies

International ISBN: 9781542032100  

Multigenerational, Resilience, Identity, Cultural Heritage, Saga

Author: Vida Vendela

Title: The Diver’s Clothes Lie Empty

Tracks a woman who loses herself in the enigmatic streets of Casablanca, Morocco, adopting a new identity amid surreal encounters. The novel delves into the exploration of identity and self-discovery against the captivating backdrop of Morocco’s intrigue.

International ISBN: 9780062110947  

Casablanca, Morocco, Symbolism, Existential Themes, Intrigue, Transformation, Psychological Exploration

Author: Warnock Fernea Elizabeth

Title: A Street in Marrakech: A Personal Journey through Urban Islam

Fernea recounts her two-year sojourn in Marrakech during the 1970s, offering a personal and ethnographic perspective on the city’s people, traditions, and way of life.

International ISBN: 9781577667209  

Marrakech, Cultural Interaction, Islamic Practices, Ethnographic Journey, Cultural Anthropology