Author: Abun-Nasr Jamil M. 

Title: A History of the Maghrib in the Islamic Period

Provides a comprehensive examination of the Maghrib region’s history from the Islamic conquests to the modern era, encompassing political, social, economic, and cultural developments. Abun-Nasr illuminates the dynamic interactions between Amazigh, Arab, and other Islamic influences, offering valuable insights into the complex tapestry of the Maghrib’s past.

International ISBN: 9780521337670

Maghrib Region, North Africa, Cultural Evolution, Political Dynamics, Economic History, Social History, Trade Routes, Dynasties, Cultural Heritage, Cross-Cultural Interactions,


Author: Amira El-Azhary Sonbol

Title: Beyond the Exotic: Women’s Histories in Islamic Societies

Delves into the diverse experiences and narratives of women across various Islamic societies, challenging stereotypes and offering nuanced insights into their roles, agency, and contributions throughout history.

International ISBN: 9780815630555

Women’s Histories, Islamic Societies, Gender Studies, Cultural Perspectives, Historical Narratives, Moroccan Feminism, Identity,

Author: Garcia-Arenal Mercedes

Title: Ahmad al-Mansur: The Beginnings of Modern Morocco (Makers of the Muslim World)

Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur (1578-1603) stands as a pivotal figure in Morocco’s history, leaving an enduring imprint on the nation during his twenty-five-year rule in the sixteenth century. Renowned not only for his adept diplomacy in the Mediterranean power struggles and strategic alliance with Britain against Spain in the quest for the newly discovered Americas, al-Mansur transcended the roles of a political and military strategist.  Dr. Garcia-Arenal, spanning four continents, contextualizes this intriguing figure within the backdrop of political machinations, global exploration, and military conquest.

International ISBN: 9781780742083

World War I, Morocco Travelogue, Exploration, Diplomacy, Ottman Empire, Mediterranean, Military

Author: Gilson Miller Susan

Title: The History of Morocco

Offers a comprehensive exploration of Morocco’s past, from ancient times to the modern era, delving into the country’s political, social, and cultural evolution. Miller provides a nuanced understanding of Morocco’s complex history, illuminating key events, figures, and influences that have shaped the nation’s identity.

International ISBN: 9780521008990

Almoravid Dynasty, Almohad Dynasty, Idrisid Dynasty, Saadian Dynasty, Alaouite Dynasty, French Morocco, Spanish Protectorates, Treaty of Fes, Rif War, Mohammed V, Independence, Green March, Western Sahara Conflict, Istiqlal Party, Cultural Heritage, Islam in Morocco

Author: Gilson Miller Susan

Title: A History of Modern Morocco

A well-documented overview of modern Moroccan history contends that the monarchy’s response to crises has been shaped by pragmatism rather than ideology. Starting with the French invasion of Algeria in 1830, to Post Independence. This concise and accessible book is a valuable resource for students and those seeking insights into the historical backdrop of current events in the region.

International ISBN: 9788446041306

Monarchy, Political Centralization. Ideology, French Algeria, Reform, Colonization, Independence, Nationalist movement, Independence, Post-independence, Power, Arab Spring,

Author: Harris Walter

Title: “Morocco: That Was”

An enduring narrative depicting Morocco in the early 20th century, capturing the essence and ambiance of the nation during that era.

International ISBN: 9780907871408

Travel memoir, Morocco Travelogue, Colonial Morocco. Walter Harris, Tangier

Author: Ilahiane Hsain

Title: “The A to Z of the Berbers (Imazighen)

A comprehensive reference guide providing concise yet detailed entries on various aspects of Berber culture, history, and society, from ancient times to the present day. Ilahiane’s work offers a comprehensive and accessible resource for understanding the rich and diverse heritage of the Amazigh people, encompassing language, customs, traditions, and their enduring impact on North Africa and beyond.

International ISBN: 9780810868465

Berber, Imazighen, Indigenous Peoples, Linguistics, Amazigh, History of Berber Civilization, Geographical Distribution, Political History, Cultural Heritage, Identity, Self-Representation, Diaspora,

Author: Laroui Abdallah

Title: The History of the Maghrib

This North African history survey challenges conventional perspectives and Western-centric narratives. Professor Laroui seeks to provide a decolonized vision of North African history, aligning with contemporary efforts to modernize the Maghrib.

International ISBN: 9780521097079

Decolonized Perspective, Modernization Efforts, Islamic Conquest, Methodology Critique, Maghribi Perspective, Decolonization,

Author: Maxwell Gavin

Title: Lords of the Atlas: The Rise and Fall of the House of Glaoua, 1893-1956

A captivating tale of Thami El Glaoui, the powerful warlord and Pasha of Marrakesh, whose influence shaped the destiny of Morocco during the early 20th century under French colonial rule. Be immersed in the intrigue, politics, and cultural complexities of Morocco’s High Atlas region, where alliances are forged, betrayals abound, and the struggle for power unfolds.

International ISBN: 9780712600682

El Glaoui, Amazigh, Colonial Morocco, Berber Dynasty, French Protectorate, 20th century history, Independence, Mohammed V, nonfiction,

Author: Pennell C.R.

Title: Morocco: From Empire to Independence

A thorough historical examination of Morocco’s evolution traces its trajectory from a pre-colonial empire to the attainment of independence.

International ISBN: 9788420647791

Almoravid Empire, Almohad Empire, Idrisid Dynasty, French Protectorate, Spanish Protectorates, Independence, Istiqlal Party, Green March,

Author: Pennell C.R.

Title: Morocco since 1830: A History

Delves into significant social changes over 150 years, focusing on gender relations, linguistic identities, and cultural shifts. Despite returning to pre-colonial boundaries, the country grapples with lingering effects of French and Spanish colonization. The narrative encompasses Morocco’s coping strategies against European penetration and colonialism, highlighting the enduring presence of a sizable Jewish community. The book emphasizes the ruling dynasty’s role in managing the state, acknowledging, however, that economic circumstances and factors like harvests, land access, and external trade profoundly shape the lives of most Moroccans.

International ISBN: 9780814766774

Linguistic Identities, Colonization, Sovereignty, Islamic, Jewish Morocco, Colonialism, Politics, Economics, Land, Water, Trade, Independence

Author: Plummer Comer

Title: War for Morocco In the Sixteenth Century

Chronicles the protracted struggle for Morocco, culminating on August 4, 1578, with Portugal’s dramatic defeat at the Battle of Ksar el-Kébir, also known as the Battle of the Three Kings due to the three monarchs who met their demise on the battlefield. This pivotal event marked the conclusion of Portugal’s golden age and the dawn of the modern Moroccan state.

International ISBN: 9781483436777

Political Intrigue, Military Engagements, Cultural Impact, Geopolitical Dynamics, Colonial Rivalry, Societal Consequences, Historiography, Battle of Three Kings,

Author: Porch Douglas

Title: The Conquest of Morocco

Examines the European powers’ colonial conquest of Morocco and analyzes its repercussions on the nation’s historical narrative..

International ISBN: 9780333444610

Treaty of Fes, French Protectorate, Spanish Protectorates, Resistance Movements, Mohammed V, Istiqlal Party, Independence

Author: Terrasse Henri

Title: History of Morocco

Written in 1952, The History of Morocco offers a comprehensive exploration of Morocco’s past, spanning from ancient times to the modern era, shedding light on the country’s rich cultural heritage, political developments, and societal transformations.

International ISBN: 

Islamic civilization, European-Moroccan interactions,

Author: Wharton Edith

Title: In Morocco

In the tumultuous backdrop of World War I in 1917, Edith Wharton embarked on a journey to Morocco. Documented in this travelogue, Wharton recounts her immersive exploration of the country’s cities and deserts.

International ISBN: 9780880014304

Travelogue, Cultural Exploration, Historical Context, Societal Observations, Ethnography, Colonial Morocco