Digital Content Creation

Specializing in Moroccan Small Businesses, Organizations & Projects

The perfect content creator for your Morocco-centric, culturally immersed entity is available to you the moment you sign up to partner with Culture Vultures.  Our social media team is lead by Jess Stephens, cultural coordinator and visual artist who has lived and worked in the heart of Morocco since 2007.  Jess submerges herself in the local and offers proven understanding of global audiences. Your electronic-profile will be sensitively crafted and confidently presented to connect both worlds.

Menu of Content Creation Services

1. Set up, launch, run and pass on / 3 months / Instagram and Facebook Launch

  • 3500 dh month

Want to build a potential client following? Need to share your story with a wider community? With an arts management and long-standing culture coordination background running Culture Vultures, an innovative organization based in Sefrou, Jess’s marketing skills have developed using Facebook and Instagram as important business tools. Branding identity, market assessment, digital marketing strategies are some of what Culture Vultures can bring to the table to create a platform and program that speaks directly to your audience’s needs.

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  • Brand identity       
  • Accounts Set Up                 
  • Digital Marketing Planning
  • Image Banking                     
  • Content Creation x 12                   
  • Succession Planning
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  1. Pick it up and run / 3 months / Instagram and Facebook Management
  • 3500 dh month

Starting from scratch or not, let your social media presence be taken to a level of engagement and exposure with the eye of a figurative and literal colorist with a winning combination of creative sensitivity and a high level of cultural facilitation. We, at Culture Vultures, are in our element when immersed in Moroccan cultural aspects, initiating interviews and taking photo shoots that might be inaccessible to others. With a finger on the pulse we offer culturalcentric, media threads both locally and nationally. Cultural sensitivity whilst sharing deep insights is just one of our strengths.

  • *Content Creation x 36 
  • Media Banking                             
  • Social Media Planning
  • Succession Planning

*A broad range of content creation is offered in this package such as video posts, live presentations, story content as well as the more classic, informative, static posts.

  1. Immersive Insights / Blog posts or Articles 
  • 3000 dh / Article

With 10 years of bridging artists, visitors and community in Sefrou as a cultural connectors, Culture Vultures possesses a wide array of local contacts and good relations which, in this situation, act as an influential set of keys.  Akin to a cultural anthropology, our strong interest in the finer details within Moroccan culture sets Culture Vultures apart from all other resources.  Deep, hands-on investigations as well as access to an academic archive and literary resources means we can provide you with rich content embellished and elaborated by good quality images.

  • Authentic and Hands-on Investigations
  • Original Images
  • On the ground reporting
  • Immersive Insights
  1. Behind the Postcard / Digital Cultural Programming
  • 3500 dh per activity plus expenses

Provide your community with deep cultural insights from academics, experts, and or artists specializing in their field. Demonstrate to your audience your understanding of your surroundings and share and enthuse with them. In a new era of responsible and immersive travel, online digital cultural events such a lectures, live music events, cooking or crafts demos/classes authentically engage with your audience and help them understand Morocco on a deeper level. Reveal what goes on behind the post card with these great digital tools. Live or prerecorded. We aim to deliver everlasting impressions.

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  • On-line Programming
  • Digital Event Hosting / Cultural facilitation
  • Provision of Recordings
  • *Branding and packaging

*Involves an additional cost

5 . Moroccan portraits / Short Documentary Creation

  • 5000 dh per vignette or 12500 dh for 3

What better way is there of demonstrating a high caliber of understanding and connections to your surroundings than short documentaries on topics within your field. Create content that serves all involved and moves and informs your audience or clientele. Such content can serve websites, social media and/or digital presentations while leaving an important and lasting impression.

  • Informative Content
  • Branded
  • Unique
  • High Calibre

*Maximum time length is 5 minutes – short, immersive and striking.

A few insights into Jess Stephens

Both listening to the clients’ needs along with respecting the subjects or muses of the content creation I believe are fundamental.  A client form has been created for each of the above in order to optimize understanding of your needs and desires. My skills set is sometimes complemented with co-writers, proof readers, film editors or photographers. They are included in the fees.

I consider myself to fortunate to be able to combine my expertise, contacts and experiences in setting up a running the arts and culture organization Culture Vultures, and offer my services to you the cultural, arts and reponsible travel sector.

I, and a growing community, are currently setting up Sefrou Museum of Multiculturalism – A Micro Museum with a Macro Message which continues to feed my understanding and appreciation of Morocco.

Skills that complement the above role are

  • Arts / Project Management
  • Graphic Creation
  • A Practicing Fine Artist
  • Cultural Facilitation
  • Arts and Culture Coordination         

All content creation is the copyright of the client. All documentation and administration is passed on in a succession folder at the end of the assignment. Jess Stephens has a Moroccan legal status as a freelancer. Invoices are provided.

See the following links for references to creations.


Do not hesitate to get in touch for a free consultation during your decision making process.